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Check out some examples from our Certification standards below. If you meet them your hotel is already on the way to getting Safehotels Certified.

Safehotels Safety & Security Certification

Examples of standards required that meet Safehotels Safety & Security Certification.

• Fire exit escape routes are clearly signed, well lit, free from obstruction, doors open in direction of travel.
• Designated Emergency Lighting and Signage has back up fail-safe power
• Working emergency intercom and or alarm inside elevators in event of elevator failure or entrapment.
• Up to date maintenance contracts and service records are in place for all fire systems.
• Regular checks are made to identify slip, trip or fall safety hazards in all guest contact areas of hotel.
• Depth markers and pool rules posted clearly, lifesaving and rescue equipment available.
• Reception area and check-in desks are covered by CCTV.
• New employees receive security, safety and fire training within one week of starting.
• At least one employee on duty 24/7 from a ‘front of house’ department is trained in CPR and trauma injury stabilization.
• Adequate communication systems are maintained 24/7 to deploy a response team in the event of an emergency.
• Guest transport companies contracted by hotel are vetted for insurance, maintenance of vehicles and driving licenses.
• Guest personal data and credit card/payment is subject to Confidential Information & Data Protection policies and procedures.
• Crisis Management Plans cover incidents specific to the hotel operation and location including natural disasters.
• In designated high-risk locations, enhanced security measures are in place for all types of terrorist attack, civil unrest, public disorder and demonstrations.


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