About safeHotels

Safehotels is about a passion for hotels and a passion for the highest standards of safety, security and hygiene when staying in a hotel. We independently set and verify these standards through our world leading Certification program including on site assessments by experts with years of knowledge and understanding of hotels across the globe.

Join us in this passion by choosing Safehotels Certification. Safehotels has been based in Sweden since 2001, and has a global reach.

Our Executive Team

Joachim Törngård


Andreas Norberg


Tomas Nordtorp

CFO and Business Development

Kris Troukens


Andy Williams

SVP Quality Assurance & Business Development

Jennifer Alarik

SVP Strategy and Business Development

Mauricio Tommasi

VP Business Development

Frida Helin

VP Quality Assurance

Our values

Safehotels values are: People, Integrity and Passion. These are central to how we work and
are perceived.

We recognize the responsibility given to us by hotels, hotel guests and the travel industry
stakeholders who rely on us for independent expertise and service.


People are the core of our business. We exist to make people safer while staying at a hotel
that has been certified by us. The safety of our customers’ guests and employees will always
be our top priority and our main focus.

Recruiting the right people to Safehotels has been central to the success of our business. Our
unique experience, expertise and professionalism within the hospitality, safety and security
sectors ensures this.


Integrity is a constant value in everything we do; it’s about being honest and always behaving
in a trustworthy and consistent way.

This is why we are able to operate with the trusted reputation we have earned with
stakeholders across the hospitality and travel world. Of equal importance are the people who work for Safehotels; our reputation relies on their
integrity and professionalism. This is why Safehotels only has seasoned professionals on our
team; their own reputation for integrity also precedes them.

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